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Elderberry Jams–Music Activities for Seniors

The Elderberry Jams Membership is currently closed as we are taking care of our Founding Members.  But we will re-open the doors later this fall.



Why Join Elderberry Jams?

Music has the amazing power to reach deep within the recesses of memory and connect older adults and people living with dementia with those who care for them. While you may be well aware of this meaningful connection, you’re likely way too busy to create your own regular curriculum around it.

If you are an activity professional or caregiver who:

  • Would love to experience the benefits of a music therapist’s knowledge and vast catalog – but can’t afford to pay for individual consultation
  • Is stressed  over the continual pressure to find new methods or ideas for interactive activities
  • Just wants to add something extra to your current offerings
  • Wants meaningful connection with those you care for

You need a good taste of ElderberryJams.com!

Want to feel empowered to share the healing power of musical connection? Excited about the ability to have access to weekly session plans – music activities designed by a trained music therapist who understands how to use music interactively and to elicit engagement and connection from residents and those you care for?

What you’ll find inside the Elderberry Jams Membership:

  • Secure log-in access to our complete digital library, including downloadable activity plans, games and videos to assist you (even if you’re not musically inclined) and make you feel organized, consistent, and confident
  • Membership in our exclusive Facebook community, where you can connect with other activity professionals and caregivers in a private forum
  • Direct support from an experienced music therapist 

Level up your game with engaging music activity session plans that truly foster meaningful connections and lift people out of the fog of dementia—through music they often remember in an emotional, meaningful way…and at an extremely affordable price for you!

Start spending more time with your residents—and less time
stressing over how to use music to stay well connected with them on a daily basis. Make music time fun and easy!



I’m Kathy, founder of Melisma Music Therapy Services & Elderberry Jams and I am here to help you:

  • Spend more time with the people you care for instead of wasting hours searching for new ideas
  • Feel confident and empowered to use music effectively and in a fun and engaging manner
  • Decrease your stress and reignite the passion you have for those you care for






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