Melisma Music Therapy Services About Us



Statement of Purpose: At Melisma Music Therapy Services, we believe that the those you care for (both elders and children) deserve more.  We believe that every moment of life is precious and can be filled with joy and connection.  We believe that inside every loved one is a spirit ready to flourish at any and every stage of life.  But most importantly, we believe in you–the caregiver of these vibrant souls.  We believe in empowering you to unload the inner spirit of those you serve.  We, too, see the incredible meaning in what you do, caring for beloved children, parents and grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, and sisters.  Because you don’t simply entertain these treasured individuals: you create connection, which is what makes us most human.  And this connection has the most amazing power to awaken the beauty and vibrancy within these individuals and remind them and their loved ones that they are still dear to their families and society.  We believe that those who unleash this power have not just job but callings and we are committed to coming alongside you to empower those of you with this calling to go out and transform lives.

Company History: Melisma Music Therapy Services, LLC was founded in 2008 by board-certified music therapist Katherine Lindberg. Kathy received her BA in Music Therapy from The College of Wooster, in Wooster, OH and completed her clinical internship training at Forbes Health Center in Pittsburgh, PA. During that time she worked with older adults, psychiatric children and adults, those with developmental delays and mental retardation and those who were terminally ill.

Kathy began practicing music therapy in 1991. During her career she has helped a wide variety of individuals better themselves and their lives through music. Populations with which Kathy has worked include trauma survivors, autistic children, the mentally retarded and developmentally delayed (MRDD), and traumatic brain injury patients (TBI). She currently works with older adults including those living with dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease.

Core Values: Kathy founded her company on the following values:

  • Older adults and those with dementia are valuable members of society
  • Music reaches the deepest parts of our spirit
  • Everyone can contribute to the world
  • Everyone, no matter their challenges, has a vibrant, creative spirit within them
  • Music has the ability to heal
  • Music therapy can improve quality of life