Getting Organized in 2020

Are you feeling frazzled after another jam packed Christmas season?  Has burn out reared its ugly head and left you wanting to escape to a desert island?  While a tropical paradise may not be on the horizon, that doesn’t mean you need to jump into the new year feeling like an escapee from your own life.  First, take a moment to just breathe.   Now, let me give you some ideas for starting off 2020 feeling refreshed and in control.   The secret is…getting organized.

Tips for Getting Organized in the New Year

  1.  De-Clutter Your Brain.  Several times a year I like to do what I call a Brain Dump.  It helps me feel less confused and overwhelmed, clears my mind and helps get me back on track with my goals and objectives.  Start with at least 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted time, a blank sheet of paper and something to write with.  Now, with pen in hand write down EVERYTHING that has been rattling around in your brain lately.  Don’t censor what you write down, just write.
  2. Assess Your List.  Read back through your Brain Dump and begin to organize the thoughts into categories.  Examples might include new programs, holiday activities and events, outings, or paperwork.
  3. Plan and Create Your Goals.  The next step is to create your goals–both small and large.  You might decide to create quarterly and/or yearly goals.  Make sure they are measurable and attainable.  Put them on your calendar to help keep you accountable.
  4. Implement Your Goals.  Build in some rewards for yourself as you attain your goals.  Don’t get discouraged if you don’t meet a particular goal.  Revisit your goals and make changes as necessary.  And don’t be afraid to ask for help.  You many need the help of others to attain some of your goals.

I, myself, love to create goals and organize my life.  I have found doing a brain dump whenever I feel stuck and as though I am spinning my wheels to be an invaluable tool to get my back on track.

Try Something New

What is it about a new year that brings on the desire to try new things?  Last year I created a new service to help eldercare professionals (especially Activity staff) use more music with the residents.  Elderberry Jams is a monthly membership resource to empower and support those of you working with older adults to engage them more deeply using music activities, even if you are not a musician.  I help you keep your music activities streamlined, clear and organized. Check out Elderberry Jams HERE!

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