4 Simple Activities for Overcoming Holiday Loneliness

Turn on the radio this time of year and hear song after song stating that the holidays are joyous, bright and gay. But truth-be-told for many, Christmas can be a very lonely time.  This can be especially true for older adults.  To complicate this issue, many feel the need to be happy and filled with joy this time of year.  When this is difficult to do,  feelings of loneliness and isolation can occur.


4 Simple Activities for Overcoming Holiday Loneliness

  1.  Writing and Sending Christmas Cards–In addition to encouraging friends and family to send their loved ones Christmas cards, the act of sending cards to others outside of the facility fosters a sense of connection.
  2. Plan an Outing to View Local Christmas Lights–A chance of scenery and engaging with other residents can lift the sense of isolation.
  3. Christmas Caroling–Invite carolers to sing at your facility and/or have a Christmas sing along
  4. Listen–Often the simplest and most loving thing we can do is just sit and listen.  Don’t dismiss how residents may be  feeling.  For some, reminiscing about past holidays is helpful, for others just having another person to talk to and spend some time with is what is needed.

You can listen to a variety of traditional Christmas Carols, and learn the meaning behind these songs in my

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