Red White and Blue (Music Activity)

This week those of us in the United States will celebrate the Fourth of July.  In honor of this holiday I am sharing with you an activity I enjoy doing with my residents.  It is a great music activity to help improve memory recall, foster social interactions and allow for self-expression and creativity through singing.

At the end of this post I have a link to a FREE resource to accompany this activity so be sure to CHECK IT OUT.

Red White and Blue

  • Use red, white and blue bandanas or scarves for visual stimulation.  I like  to use one bandana or scarf per color.
  • Choose one of the bandanas and show it to the group as a visual cue.  Tell them that they are looking for a song either with this color in the title or a song about something that is the same color as the bandana.
  • Use the list of songs and question prompts below.
  • Once the song as been identified, sing, play/listen to the song as a group.
  • Continue by choosing a different bandana, or allow a resident to choose the color each time, and prompt song title identification using the questions below.

Have Fun.

Blue Songs

Blueberry Hill–A small fruit often eaten in the summer.

Blue Moon–Something that lights the sky at night.

Blue Suede Shoes–Something you wear on your feet

Blue Tail Fly–Another title for Jimmy Crack Corn

Five Foot Two–A body part

Alice Blue Gown–A lady’s name and a fancy dress

Red Songs

Red River Valley–A low area between two mountains

Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy–Desserts made with this red fruit

Strawberry Fields Forever–Summer fruit that grow in a patch

Red Rubber Ball–A round toy that bounces

Red Sails At Sunset–Some boats need this to travel

White Songs

White Christmas–A winter holiday

All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth–The dentist takes care of these

A White Sport Coat–You wear a pink carnation on this article of clothing

White Cliffs of Dover–Steep rocks in England

Red, White and Blue Songs

You’re A Grand Old Flag–It has 52 stars

Stars and Stripes Forever–Our flag has stars and these

Want More Songs?

Download this FREE resource–15 Songs to Celebrate the Red, the White and the Blue



I’d love to hear how this activity went over with your group.  Share your experience in the comments below.  Happy Fourth!!






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