5 Goals to Target During National Skilled Nursing Care Week

If you work with older adults in long term care then you are probably aware that next week is National Skilled Nursing Care Week (May 12-18, 2019).  Formerly known as National Nursing Home Week, this is a celebration of the quality care given by long term care professionals to older adults living in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, and life care communities.

Many healthcare facilities that serve the older adult population focus on a person-centered approach to care. This type of care looks at giving an individual more input into their overall care and living environment. As a music therapist, my approach to the care I provide has always catered to the individual and their therapeutic goals. Here are 5 goal areas that music therapy and music activities can address.

5 Goal Areas for Older Adults

  1. Socialization
    Music is a social activity and people naturally gather together to create music.
  2. Decrease Anxiety
    Music can help people relax on both a physical and an emotional level. This can lead to a decreased need for medications.
  3. Self-Expression
    People have an innate desire to be heard and share who they are. Music is a powerful form of self-expression: both verbal and non-verbal. Musical elements—melody, harmony, dynamics and tempo—all serve as tools for self-expression.
  4. Memory Recall
    Music triggers powerful memories, including memories that have long been forgotten.  They can be triggered with the right music..
  5. Opportunity for Choice
    Important in a person-centered model of care, music can easily allow for personal preference and choice.

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