Red, White, and Blue

This is the fifth post in our National Nursing Home Week series celebrating the Spirit of America.

Any celebration about America would not be complete without some red, some white, and some blue. This activity is great for stimulating the brain and conjuring up all the things one can think of that are either, red, white or blue in color.

Begin with the color red. Have residents come up with a list of all the things they can think of that are the color red. You can discuss items that are naturally red vs those that are not. Write this list on a white board or large sheet of paper. Then ask the residents to think of songs that focus on the things on the list. Here are some examples:

Strawberries (Strawberry Fields Forever)
Robin breast (When the Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin’ Along)
Tulips (Tiptoe Thru the Tulips)
Roses (Roses Are Red)
Apples (In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree)

Next, create a list of things that are white:

Sport Coat (A White Sport Coat and a Pink Carnation)
Apple Blossoms (Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White)
Ghost (Casper the Friendly Ghost)
Snow (Let It Snow)

And finally a list of things that are blue:

Eyes (Five Foot Two Eyes of Blue)
Blueberries (Blueberry Hill)
Moon (Blue Moon)
Gowns (Alice Blue Gown)
Sky (My Blue Heaven)

You can also discuss things that might include all colors like the flag. You can find a list of national flags with red, white and blue here. You could play the national anthems from these countries.

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