Baseball Jeopardy

For our third day of National Nursing Home Week I suggest a challenging game of Jeopardy. Themed around the American pastime of baseball, challenge your residents to identify songs about baseball and baseball teams.


  • Using colorful index cards, write the following category titles (one category per card): Name That Baseball Tune, Play Ball, Be a Team Player, Three Strikes You’re Out.
  • On sticky notes or index cards, write the following dollar amounts (one on each card in the four categories: $100, $200, $300, $400.)
  • Arrange dollar amount stickies under each category, down the column low to high.
  • Divide the residents into teams.
  • Teams take turns choosing a category and dollar amount until all questions have been answered.

Use the following “key” for songs per category and dollar amount.

Name That Baseball Tune (Play recording or YouTube video for each song)
$100 Take Me Out to the Ballgame
$200 National Anthem
$300 Right Field
$400 Baseball Organ Music (Have residents identify when they might hear these “anthems” during a baseball game.)

Play Ball (Identify these songs with “ball” in the title)
$100 After the Ball
$200 Ball and Jack (if you are watching this video have residents identify the name of this dance)
$300 Great Balls of Fire (Can you identify this artist?)
$400 Woodchopper’s Ball

Be A Team Player (Identify these MLB teams)
$100 YANKEE Doodle (New York Yankees)
$200 Casey Jones the BRAVE Engineer (Atlanta Braves)
$300 Home on the RANGE (Texas Rangers)
$400 Springtime in the ROCKIES (Colorado Rockies)

Three Strikes You’re Out (Fill in the blank)
$100 ____________Up the Band
$200 The Empire _______________Back (Identify the movie and character)
$300 With a strong hand, ______________ out the blindness in me. (Listen to this song for the answer)
$400 Clock ________________Twelve

Feel free to include other questions to help residents answer each question. Enjoy!

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