Melisma Music Therapy Services

Restore Family Connections: Meet Mary. Although Mary is unable to remember her own name or recognize her family most of the time, she can remember the lyrics to many songs. Through singing Mary interacts with her peers and family and engages in her immediate environment in an enjoyable and meaningful way.

Foster a Sense of Peace: Meet Eileen. Eileen becomes agitated during the day. Through music and relaxation techniques, her soul is calmed and she is able to interact with peers and staff without aggression or the need for increased medications.

Restore Lost Relationships: Meet Rose. Rose is very quiet and often isolates herself in her room. Through the use of singing, playing instruments and songwriting, she spends less time alone and engages more with her peers throughout the day.

Music is a universal language. Music therapy bridges the gap between those living in the fog of dementia and the world around them. Music therapy helps people connect. Music therapy fosters healing.

Are you ready to experience the healing power of music? Are you ready to re-connect with loved ones?


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